Mission & Vision

Mission Statement 

"Gawalla xa hamattalla"

Helping our people 

The mission statement is based on the traditional value and belief that our purpose in life is about "servitude" or "helping our people". In order for us to fulfull that role, it requires us, individually, to be the best leader that we can be, in order to truly be in the place of "helping our people". This is the cornerstone or foundation of our way of life - the potlatch.

The mission statement is further based on the belief that we respect and honor people and deliver services and programs maintaining the dignity of the people we work with.
Vision Statement

"A community living in harmony (balance) with oneself and one's neighbour achieving a safe and holistic (addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spirtual) state of well being that includes embracing and celebrating community traditional beliefs and practices."

 KDC Health is committed to quality and safety in our Health Care delivery!
Kwakiutl District Council Health Values

Mayaxala “Respect”: We value the dignity and uniqueness of the individual and the diversity in our communities, respecting all of our people and encouraging participation and listening generously.

Integrity: We believe in trust, honesty, sincerity and fairness in all relationships and transactions, acting with honor and following protocol.

Accountability: We acknowledge and assume responsibility of our actions and decisions within the scope of our relationships.

Servitude: We believe our purpose in life is about servitude or gawalla xa hamattalla “helping our people” through honoring cultural protocols and best practices in all our endeavors.

Reliability: We offer quality programs and professional services in a fair, conscientious, diligent and efficient manner.

Accessible: We provide timely access to our programs and services taking into consideration specific needs and circumstances.

Uniform: We are consistent in the way we treat self and others, affirming the worth and dignity as human beings.

Collaborative: We work cooperatively with others in a safe, competent and mutually respectful way, open and appreciative to differing perspectives.

Caring: We have a sincere and compassionate interest in the well being of the individual and our communities.