Mental Health Support and Counselling

Services Provided:

 The KDC Mental Health and Addictions understands the importance of culture and tradition as part of the healing process. It is our goal to offer programming that is culturally sensitive and steeped in the traditions of Kwakwaka’wakw People.

It is also our practice to offer ceremony and tradition as a part of every program.


Mental Health and Wellness

The KDC Mental Health and Wellness Program offers a variety of services designed to promote healing across an array of  social and personal issues. This broad range of client-centered counseling services can be accessed by referral at any of the KDC sites. Counseling services also include group, family and marital counseling options. Access to alcohol and drug treatment and/or detox is also available.


The KDC Mental health and  Addictions  Program also provides primary prevention services. The focus of these prevention services vary from site to site due to diverse community needs. Some primary prevention focuses include:

  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Trauma
  • Grief & Loss
  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression
  • Harm Reduction Education/ Supplies
  • Parenting/Attachment
  • Suicide
  • Critical Response and
  • Suicide Prevention 
  • Program

The Critical Response/Suicide Prevention Program has a specific focus on the prevention and intervention of critical  incidents in our communities. The development of Critical Response Protocols provides coordination and support to community-based response teams in KDC communities when intervening in critical incidents.

The Suicide Prevention Program provides specific focus on the prevention of suicide in our communities. By building a strong foundation of protective factors and awareness our communities will be better prepared to prevent suicide within themselves and others.


Precious Beginnings

FASD Program

The Precious beginnings program provides support to mothers and families at risk for FASD, currently living with FASD, or with high risk life histories in the family of origin.


Making A Referral:

Programs and services are available to all KDC member Nations both on and off reserve.  Access to programs and services are achieved by:

  • Self Referral
  • Drop in
  • Faxing the appropriate site
  • Contacting any member of the
  • Mental Health and Wellness team.


KDC Mental Health and Wellness Team: Counselors (All Sites)

  • Petra Stewart


  • Lane Litke


  • Leanne Mcintee


  • Tracy Hnidy



Supports ( All Sites)

 Ken Bell ,Community Wellness Worker



Brandi Varga, Youth Outreach Coordinator



Precious Beginnings FASD Program 

  • Mitzi Larson, Mentor (Campbell river)



  • Amanda Adams

Mentor (Campnell River)



  • Jocelyn Whyte

Mentor (Quinsam)