Contact for former KDC Health, now known as LKT Health

Kim Roberts

Health Director

Liǧʷiłdaxʷ Health Society

1400 A Drake Road

Campbell River, BC  V9W 7K6

Phone: 250.286.9766  Cell: 250.203.5858

Fax: 250.286.9713

Toll Free: 1.866.286.9766

KDC Administration & Capacity Support Services - "Gawalla xa hamattalla" - "Helping our People"


Kwakiutl District Council member Nations

Kwakiutl First Nation 

Mamalilikulla First Nation

Da'naxda'xw/Awaetlala First Nation

Tlatlasikwala First Nation


The Kwakiutl District Council (KDC) is a Not for Profit Society that provides services to member Nations of the Kwakwak'awakw peoples.

The member Nations’ Territories span Northeastern Vancouver Island and Northern Vancouver Island and the adjacent mainland. Each of the Nations has its own distinctive name.

Kwakiutl District Council Health (KDC Health) provides preventative health and health promotion services for five member Nations for their on-reserve community members. 

Kwakiutl District Council provides Capacity Support Services to the seven member Nations at the request of the Nation's Chief and Council.

Kwakiutl District Council Executive 2018-2020


Nick Chowdhury




George Hunt Jr.

First Vice-Chairman



Terra Taylor




Brad Puglas

General Member


We, the Kwakiutl District Council Executive, determined to preserve and fulfill the destiny and responsibilities set out for us by our ancestors, do hereby reassert our rights and duties that will stand forever.

  • Now, in the spirit of our ancestors before us, upon whom we have called for wisdom, we place our names
  • We stand by the teachings of our ancestors in proclaiming our First Nations to the World Community.
  • We unite so strongly that the actions of each leader shall become the actions of the whole.
  • We have placed, as our goal and pupose, attainment and protection of all the rights of humankind and shall support such efforts by other nations.
  • By right of kinship with nature, we join in our efforts to protect the rights of the earth and the animal and plant life from destruction.
  • Now, therefore, keeping each of its own face and form, but each abiding his own strength and wisdom, we put aside all contentions and doubt. We pledge our individual and collective efforts, our dignity and our lives so that the Kwakiutl First Nations will be returned to a rightful place of honour in the world community.

Kwakiutl District Council Values:

Mayaxala “Respect”: We value the dignity and uniqueness of the individual and the diversity in our communities, respecting all of our people and encouraging participation and listening generously.

Integrity: We believe in trust, honesty, sincerity and fairness in all relationships and transactions, acting with honour and following protocol.

Accountability: We acknowledge and assume responsibility of our actions and decisions within the scope of our relationships.

Servitude: We believe our purpose in life is about servitude or gawalla xa hamattalla “helping our people” through honouring cultural protocols and best practices in all our endeavours.

Reliability: We offer quality programs and professional services in a fair, conscientious, diligent and efficient manner.

Accessible: We provide timely access to our programs and services taking into consideration specific needs and circumstances.

Uniform: We are consistent in the way we treat self and others, affirming the worth and dignity as human beings.

Collaborative: We work cooperatively with others in a safe, competent and mutually respectful way, open and appreciative to differing perspectives.

Caring: We have a sincere and compassionate interest in the well being of the individual and our communities.




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