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Home & Community Care

Objectives of Home and Community Care Program 

  • To support community members with acute and chronic illness to maintain optimum health and independency in their homes.
  • To assist family caregivers by providing time away from their fulltime responsibilities of caring for loved ones.
  • To interact and develop partnerships with other health care programs in order to provide higher quality service.
  • To provide educational opportunities and employment to community members

Home and Community Care Program Services  

Case Management - is a collaborative process that assess plans, implements, coordinates, monitors and evaluates the options and services required to meet the client's health and human service needs. It is characterized by advocacy, communication and resource management and promotes quality and cost-effective interventions and outcomes.

Home Care Nursing - is to provide ongoing nursing care in the client's homes or in the community health centres. Home care nursing is working in collaboration with VIHA home care nursing in specialty teams for expalliative team or wound care team in order to meet client focus care needs. Also providing teaching to the client or family members of the care plan in order to maintain independence.

Personal Care Worker Team - will help with activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming and other assigned and delegated tasks.

Respite Care - providing a PCW to care for client when it is not safe to leave the client alone while the family, who usually cares for the client, has a break from this role.

End of life/Palliative Care - this service is provided for clients that have terminal illness and for their family who choose to stay at home. Home care nursing, PCWs, dietician and mental health workers can be a part of the palliative care team.

 Criteria for Home Care Program

 Person of any age who has been assessed and meets the following criteria:

  • Has been discharged from hospital
  • Has an illness needing follow-up care
  • Client is unable to live alone while waiting for care in a long-term care facility
  • Choose to live at home instead of a long term care facility as long as it is safe, affordable and services are available
  • Has a disability requiring assistance to live in their own home
  • Needing nursing care in the home
  • Family and friends who need support to continue to care for family member at home 

You may refer yourself or you may be referred by others, such as family members, friends, neighbours or your doctor. If you are in the hospital, you may be referred by the Hospital Liaison Nurse or the hospital discharge planner who will be organizing your care after hospital discharge.

Home and Community Care Program Commitment

The KDC Health Home and Community Care Program will continue to provide culturally appropriate care to community members.


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