Home Care

What is Community Home Care ?

  • To support community members with acute and chronic illness to maintain optimum health and independency in their homes.
  • To assist family caregivers by providing time away from their fulltime responsibilities of caring for loved ones.
  • To interact and develop partnerships with other health care programs in order to provide higher quality service.


Person of any age who has been assessed and meets the following criteria:

  • Has been discharged from hospital
  • Has an illness needing follow-up care
  • Client is unable to live alone while waiting for care in a long-term care facility
  • Choose to live at home instead of a long term care facility as long as it is safe, affordable and services are available
  • Has a disability requiring assistance to live in their own home
  • Needing nursing care in the home
  • Family and friends who need support to continue to care for family member at home 


Home Care Coordinator

Kaylee Assu:  (T) 250-286-8064 (c)  250-830-7631


  • Personal Care Workers 

  • Gail Francis 
  • Kaylie Houghton
  • Jessica Brown 
  • Marcella Perrault