Health Advisory Committee (HAC)

The Health Advisory Committee (HAC) has been established since June 2007. There are currently 2 representatives from the Community Health Committee (CHC) on this committee. The mandate of the Health Advisory Committee is to advise and support the Executive Committee in its governance of the Health Department.

Goals of the HAC

  1. To advise the KDC Executive and Health Director on community needs and issues.
  2. To provide input into the Executive and staff knowledge and understanding of health issues within member communities.


  • Identification of community needs and guidance in the preparation of the KDC Community Health Plan
  • Participation in a training orientation session with the HAC members upon appointment; and a refresher orientation session as least annually.
  • Reviewing and recommending the results that must be achieved through health program delivery.
  • Ensuring standards that must be followed by staff in delivering services.
  • Reviewing work plans for all 4 sites and have an understanding of what programs and services are offered.

Community Health Committee

The mandate of the Community Health Committee (CHC) is to advise and support Chief and Council through providing advice related to the health of the community and the program and service needs of the community members. There is a Community Health Committee in each of the following communities

  • Campbell River
  • Cape Mudge/Quinsam
For the smaller communities or communities who do not have a land base, they have council members or band staff who are representatives on the Health Advisory Committee.

Their goals are to improve the health status of the community and its members. It's also to foster an effective relationship between community members and health care providers.

Responsibilities of the CHC

  1. To facilitate community participation on health matters
  2. To recommend actions that the Chief and Council might take to improve the health status of the community
  3. To select a representative to sit on the KDC Health Advisory Committee.
  4. CHC will develop their own process for managing committee (e.g. agendas, notice and frequency of meetings, appointing a chair, number for quorum, etc.)