Community Health Rep.

What is a CHR?

To empower our communities to work together towards improving the health and well-being of each community member


Who are we?

The teams of CHR’s are devoted to our communities with a unique concept for providing support of health care, health promotion and disease prevention service. We are to observe and engage within our communities on health related issues by planning health focused programs to our communities and are responsible for identifying any health concerns of the communities. We share health information in varieties of different ways and activities with collaboration and communicate of the KDC health professionals to help our communities to meet their health priorities goals.


 What do we do?

The CHR works with wide cross-section of health care professionals within KDC Health to provide care plans that focus on the spiritual, physical, social and emotional well being of individuals, families within the communities of Campbell River, Quinsam and Quadra. CHR”s provided quality program’s in a respectful, safe manner to ensure the health and wellness of all people. Empowering our community and offering the tools for living a healthy life style is our goal.  Respect to interact with the others, other departments, other associations, and the outside community. Kindness, the well being of our members is key to our successes' we take great responsible in our roles and we aspire to be seen as leader, caregivers and support to all members.


What is Community Health and Why is Important?

Community health plays a big factor  with  prevention of  disease and promotes healthy living by examining health through the lens of looking at the of the community as a whole. which focuses on people's well-being. This essential public health sector covers programs to help members in protecting and improving their health, deter the transmission of infectious diseases, and plan for natural disasters. 


Benefits Of  Community Health

  • Better Physical Health
  • Better Mental Health 
  • To give our members more support and tools to better their wellbeing's
  • To build strong relationships within the  community  and to give the a sense of connection
  • Help with the prevention of diseases
  • To education the youth members and inspires them to help them have healthy lifestyles


How Can We Help You ?

  • COHI  ( Children Oral  Health Initiative)

The Children’s Oral Health Initiative (COHI) is an early childhood tooth decay prevention program aimed at children aged 0 to 7, their caregivers and pregnant women living on-reserve or accessing on-reserve resources.

This program is to help improve oral health, knowledge and behavior. To prevent tooth decay and restore function and reduce barriers to resources.


  • Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program

CPNP– Is a program that targets pregnant women and women with infants up to 12 months of ages living on– reserve. Our program offers nutrition screening, education and counselling support group sessions with a nurse or health care professional maternal nourishment and breastfeeding promotion.


  • Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative ( ADI)

The Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative program is to give our community members support with prevention, screening, care and

promotion of  building awareness on the risk factors and complications and emphasize on the benefits of healthy eating.


  • HIV/Aids: (Blood Borne Disease and Sexually Transmitted Infections )

The HIV/ AIDS Program is to design to provide HIV/AIDS education and prevention to community members. By increase awareness and to reduce the stigma within the communities with promotion of testing, giving access to support, resources and supportive social environment for those who are  vulnerable and living with HIV/ AIDS


Campbell River :

Iris Rayburn

Phone: 250-286-9766




Shelby Ordano

Phone: 250-286-8064



Cape Mudge:

Margot Assu

Phone: 250-850-0351