Chronic disease prevention and management

This program cluster addresses chronic disease; community-based programs deliver services and activities that aim to reduce the rate and improve management of chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer among First Nations and Aboriginal people.​

The goal is to improve the health and wellness of First Nations and Aboriginal individuals, families and communities through promotion of healthy living activities while in a supportive environments (important for the prevention of all chronic diseases) and to reduce the prevalence and incidence of diabetes. Areas of interest address healthy eating, food security, physical activity and healthy weights, while increasing awareness of diabetes, its risk factors along side of complications and to support diabetes education, screening and management.

The program objectives:

  • Increase awareness of diabetes, risk factors, and of the strategies to prevent diabetes and diabetes complications.
  • Increase practice of healthy eating and active living behaviours
  • Increase the early detection of diabetes
  • Improve the practice of diabetes self management

 The program is based on the following principles and approaches:

  • Support the development of culturally appropriate approaches to preventing and managing diabetes
  • Build capacity within individuals
  • Identify collaborative activities, linkages and/or partnership with other community programs and organizations

 Care and Treatment:

  • Foot care clinics are offered by appointment at any of the health sites
  • Diabetic teaching and education provided by KDC Health nurse, registered dietician
  • Other avenues of support are from Island Health such as a diabetic educator at Elders luncheons, home visits and other opportunities as they arise
  • Blood glucose, A1C, blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring as well as Hgb
  • Recipes provided, nutritional consulting and meal/snack preparation by a Registered Dietitian
  • Teach individuals to use blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring
  • Retinal screening provided by Inter Tribal Health Authority.

Prevention and Promotion:

  • Nutritional services available by appointment
  • Participating in community health fairs, information sessions and workshops
  • Providing health/nutrition education to school age children (nutritionist/nurse)
  • Promoting healthy eating (wellness luncheons)
  • Healthy eating techniques held at breakfast/lunches
  • Providing workshops on heart health and diabetes

Lifestyle Support

  • Role modeling KDC health staff having evidence based understanding of diabetes and contributing factors to diagnosis
  • Fitness classes and gym access that staff also participate in
  • Exercise/Fitness access to gym in all Health Centres
  • Exercise program with certified instructor
  • Aboriginal Run Walk/Honoring Our Health 8 to 13 week programs offered at all sites

KDC Health Programs

  • Wellness checks such as blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol monitoring and weight checks are available on a daily basis and can be done by CHR and/or Community Health Nurse