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Trauma Healing Program

The Kwakwaka’wakw Family would like to identify & fill gaps to help individuals who are suffering from Complex Trauma. One of these needs is to develop a land based healing program to support individuals & families that need guidance and a platform to heal before & after attending treatment centres, this will help with the success of the individual’s healing path.

The intent of this program is to have the framework of Kwakwaka’wakw traditions & culture to help individuals explore guidance from our elders, different therapies, traditional foods, songs, dance and ceremonies to help in the process of reconnection, understanding, and self reflection, allowing individuals gain the tools to help initiate the healing process. This program will complement in conjunction with other wellness centres in the region & over the long term will contribute to a Kwakwaka’wakw family wellness centre

The goal is to understand what the needs are within the Kwakwaka’wakw Families as a whole so that a program can be developed to best support individuals and families in their healing journey

In 2019 an MOU was signed by all Health Directors of the Kwakwakawa'kw nations in support of the project in development with FNHA.

The “Healing Projects” are a joint development from First Nation Health Directors in the Kwakwaka’wakw region and FNHA, an MOU has been signed by our Health Directors in support of the 3 projects in 2019. This collaboration has cultivated projects with the goal to look at all Kwakwaka’wakw Nations as a whole to better understand what the needs are in this specific region so that programs can be developed to best support individuals and families in their healing journeys.

Many of our Kwakwaka’wakw Nations have recognized the need to address gaps in community services, and the importance of building relationships with these services for better aid. Stronger relationships will promote individuals and families in accessing resources with fewer barriers.

  Family Nations invited to participate

· Kwakiutl

· ‘Namgis

· Tlowitsis                               

· Mamalilikulla

· Danaxda’xw

· Dzawada’enuxw               

· Kwiksutaineuk Haxwamis

· Gwa’sala Nak’waxda’xw

· Quatsino                              

· Tlatlasikwala

· Wei Wai Kum                     

· Wei Wai Kai                        

· Kwiakah                               

· Komoks




Understanding that we are still in the midst of the pandemic, we aim to provide a safe virtual space for gatherings via Zoom with mental health support from various organizations present during the sessions. In all Indigenous peoples’ ways, gathering is foundational to our way of being.
We will journey through sharing of teachings, songs, prayers and finally, how do we move forward all together.


‘Wila’ams Awilaxwida Gingananam'