Precious Beginnings

What is Precious Beginnings ?

The Precious Beginnings Program is a First Nation Health Authority initiative, serving high risk women (and families) using alcohol and or Drugs during Pregnancy, with the goal of preventing FASD & other substance related effects. All 8 BC programs are modeled on the very successful University of Washington’s Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP).

The Program:

The program is based on mentoring of women at risk. Mentors are well connected to the communities and will provide long term support, practical assistance and advocacy for women who are making fundamental changes in their lives. Mentors believe in the women and provide unconditional support. Women are not asked to leave the program if they have setbacks or relapse.

  • Effectively link women with community resources to reduce isolation, improve access to required resources and to become more independent.
  • Assist women in obtaining treatment, maintain  recovery and resolve problems associated with their substance use.
  • Prevent future births of alcohol and drug affected children.
  • Empower women to make healthy choices and gain an understanding of family and community roles.
Three Year Relationship:
  • Stage 1: Mentor assists the client with daily tasks and facilitates goal development and completion to support clients health and wellness.
  • Stage 2: Client has increased ability to develop and complete goals independently, but utilizes the Mentors for assistance.
  • Stage 3: Client is predominantly independent in developing and achieving goals, but requires minimal support and assistance from the Mentors.
Commitment to Wellness

Women are encouraged and supported by mentors:

  • Connect to health professionals and service providers on a regular basis to improve quality of health of self and family
  • Meet with their Mentor an average of twice a week
  • Obtain substance use treatment
  • Choose a family planning method
  • Resolve housing and child custody issues
  • Identify their strengths, needs and personal goals
  • Make healthy personal and family choices
  • Travel to prescheduled appointments

Precious Beginnings is for women living in the KDC Member Nations communities of Mamalilikulla, Da’Nanxda”Xw, We Wai Kum, We Wai Kai, Kwiakah Nations.

  • Individual / child who is affected with FASD
  • Living in a high risk environment
  • Currently using drugs and/or alcohol during pregnancy or struggle with sobriety
  • Pregnant or up to 6 months post partum
  • Lack connection to community supports
  • Has another child(ren) who are cognitively impaired by alcohol and/or drugs
  • Are in childbearing years (15 years and older) and strugglewith substance use
How to Make a Referral

Inquiries are welcomed for women concerned about their pregnancy and health, as well as relatives, friends, health professionals and other community service providers.

If you have any questions, please contact the KDC Health Office to discuss your referral with our Program Coordinator or one of the program Mentors.


FASD Mentors:

Mitzi Larsen (Campbell River) (T): 250-286-9766 (C): 250-203-5857

Jocelyn Whyte (Quinsam) (T): 250-286-8064 (C): 250-203-2701

Amanda Adams (Campbell River) (T): 250-286-9766 (C): 250-203-2440