Medical Transport

What is Covered?

Transportation to medically necessary health services, which may include:

  • Specialist Appointment
  • Diagnostic Tests & Preventative Screenings
  • Traditional Healers
  • Treatment Center

Health Benefits may provide funding for accommodation, meals, and travel based on the following rates:

  • Mileage for personal vehicle: .23/km
  • Accommodations-KDC Health approved
  • Meals:
  • $15.10 same day trip
  • $60.00 per night for adults
  • $236.00 per week

 Coverage may be available for clients to travel with an escort in cases where the client:

  • Member is a Minor
  • Requires assistance with activities of daily living such as dressing, eating or bathing
  • Is undergoing surgery or has a medical condition that results in requiring assistance
  • Language barrier

Benefits cover the most economical and efficient means of transportation, taking into account the urgency of the situation and the medical condition. Some types of travel not listed may be covered on an exceptional basis. Please note that not all medical travel is covered. For a full description visit


Accessing Patient Travel:

1. Once you have a medical appointment booked contact: Dianna Smith 250-286-9766 or

2. Based on program guideline & eligibility the clerk will make travel arrangements and notify you when funds are available. 

3. Clien obtains written confirmation of attendance (COA) from appointment receptionist & submits copy to Patient Travel Clerk within 5 days after teh appointment


Clients requesting coverage must provide the following documentation before travel can be arranged:

  • · A referral from a doctor
  • · Confirmation of upcoming appointment FROM the health provider or facility

For eligible, pre-approved PT trips, clients must provide confirmation of attendance (COA) from the health provider after the appointment.


Client Responsibilities

Clients who receive benefits have certain responsibilities, including:

· Client should give :  AT LEAST 14 DAYS NOTICE

· Client should get pre-approval for all emergency travel

· Client should attend their appointment

· Client should get a signed or stamped COA

· Client should protect all original documents and funds. They will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

· Client should give as much notice as possible when cancelling, at least 24 hours so hotel or flight can be cancelled without penalties.

 Medical Transportation Coordinator:

Dianna Smith Tel: 250-286-9766 Cell: 778-348-7658