Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)

This program primarily targets pregnant women and women with infants, and is delivered by community health and service providers with additional services being provided by dietitians, nutritionist, lactation consultants and others.  The overall goal is to improve maternal and infant nutritional health.

Campbell River Health Centre

Under the CPNP Program we offer families prenatal and postnatal services including breast feeding, parenting, child development, nutrition, dental care and immunizations for all community members. Car seat safety, injury prevention is being offered within our offices.

We also offer Healthy Babies group to community members. Child Development, Solid Foods Introduction, Car Seat Safety, Non-smoking, FASD, SIDS, Immunizations and Speech Therapy are some of the topics discussed during this group. Moms enjoy socializing with each other and this gives the babies and small children an opportunity to play together.

Quinsam Health Centre

  • Healthy Babies - This program offers educational teachings for mothers, caregivers and their infants/toddlers. Of particular interest are the nutritional and communication components. This program is offered on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month beginning at 12.00 pm
  • Nutritional Support - information on healthy eating is provided to encourage dietary wellness.
  • To support the physical and emotional needs of our young women and mothers, we offer evening exercise classes such as circuit training, Zumba, Belly Fit to name a few twice weekly during the fall and winter months. Please see weekly newsletter for current activities as the groups change or call 250.286.8064 for more information.

Cape Mudge Health Centre

The KDC Parents and Tots group at the Cape Mudge Village is held twice monthly. Our program works at developing consistent educational delivery and support to families with children age 0-3. Using the Tools for success resource materials and combining them with traditional teachings we aim to enhance the lives of community members. Materials are provided one-on-one as well as at group sessions.
We present other areas of interest such as, baby play groups, luncheons, cooking classes, nutritional gift certificates, and food boxes these offer tools for change which support these programs.
We use customary skills such as jarring fish, berry picking, traditional clam digging, sea urchin harvest to add a traditional component to the CPNP Program. Elders and caregivers are welcome to attend as we focus on the strengths they bring to family relationships.

K'omoks Health Centre 

  • Card Making
  • Youth/Girls Group
  • Community Garden
  • Young Families Baby Group
  • Food Preservation with Nutritionist