Arthritis Research Centre of Canada


 Mission Statement  

The mission of the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada is to improve the lives of people with arthritis through research.

Vision Statement 

By 2014 the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada will be recognized as the international leader in arthritis research, training and knowledge exchange.

    What we do:

  • ARC conducts consumer - driven clinical research and trials related to arthritis diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, care outcomes and quality of life issues.
  • Patient oriented research centre work approach through disciplines including rheumatology, rehabilitation science, public health, epidemiology, biostatistics health psychology, health economics and education
  • ARC scientists obtain external grant funding to support research projects relevant to Canadians living with arthritis
  • Committed to practical research, finding answers NOW to reduce the burden of arthritis, and giving people with arthritis more timely, cost effective solutions


  Collaboration of KDC and ARC

  • The Arthritis Wellness Program is a collaboration between KDC and the Arthritis Research Centre (ARC), that is targeted to help people live well with arthritis, and help family members provide support to loved ones living with arthritis
  • This group program is currently under development. Once finalized, the program is to facilitate an enriched, positive, and stimulating knowledge sharing environment for Kwakwaka'wakw people living with arthritis and their family members, and thus help journeys towards living well with arthritis.

IMPAKT - Investigations of Mobility, Physical, Activity, Knowledge, Translation in hip pain

A study that will look at whether hip pain is caused by certain types of physical activities, a hip deformity called FAI (Femoroacetabular Impingement) or a combination of both. Determining the cause of hip pain can prevent hip damage and possibly hip osteoarthritis

Mission Statement

To change the way hip pain will be treated and prevent devastating hip osteoarthritis by studying hip pain in a way that has never been done before.

PATHway to Health

  • To determine if the PATH program will improve physical activity participation in communities served by KDC Health
  • To assess the effect of this program on reducing sedentary time
  • To assess the effect of the PATH program on increasing the use of health promotion and wellness services offered by KDC Health

PATH program: the process

  • Exercise information session
  • Physical activity information
  • Goal setting – Action Plan
  • Fitbit Flex
  • CHR counselling
  • Participants come to a KDC Health Centre
  • Review activities and the Fitbit Dashboard
  • Progressively modify the participant’s activity
  • CHR counsellors may contact the study PT when needed

 For Further information Please Contact:

Linda Lavender, RMT 


Phone: 250-286-9766